Employee Exit

When an employee exits, it affects his or her manager, direct reports, peers, internal customers, external customers, vendors, and more. 

For an employee termination, an organization needs clear termination procedures or separation management software to complete every task precisely when it needs to be done. An employee exit form or employee exit checklist is the minimum requirement to ensure separation consistency and HR compliance.

The Off-boarding Process often involves several departments, such as IT, HR, security, and the exiting employee’s supervisors and coworkers. How many departing employees forget to turn in key cards or never complete their exit interview process? How much time do your remaining employees waste sending emails or making calls trying to coordinate who is doing what and when it was completed, if at all? For tenured employees, or managers, complete separation procedures can include over 100 tasks. Having a clear procedure for employee termination or using separation management software provided by an off-boarding vendor will reduce lost productivity and save time and money

It is also important to conduct the employee exit interview at the time of the separation of employees or employee termination, while the reasons for the separation are still current and accessible.  The best information about why departing employees leave a company comes from separating employees themselves.  Using employee exit interviews to gather feedback on employee attitudes and experiences will help identify issues and reasons for employee turnover.  By gathering constructive feedback, employers that conduct employee exit interviews are able to prioritize retention solutions to get results faster and avoid wasting time and money. Independent exit interview vendors can facilitate a neutral atmosphere that encourages employees to share their views about the company openly and honestly.

Exit Interview Outsourcing

Exit Interview outsourcing refers to an exit interview company, or independent third-party, that provide services that might otherwise be performed by in-house employees. Most companies now outsource some HR jobs to consultants that specialize in employee separation. Outsourcing can be beneficial to a company by reducing time, increasing consistency improving quality, and reducing HR costs.

Why outsource Exit Interviews

Specifically, outsourcing exit interviews is especially beneficial due to the sensitivity of the subject and the bias which can affect departing employee’s answers. Research indicates that employees give different answers to their employer then they do third party exit interview vendors. Service providers and exit interview companies which specialize in conducting exit interviews have the skills and knowledge to properly execute exit interviews and help companies gain useful information about employee turnover.